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Is anxiety interfering with daily functioning?

Do you struggle with sleep disturbance?

Are overwhelming feelings leaving you in a state of confusion and exhaustion?

If the forces of stress are pulling on you physically and emotionally ~ it may be time to take your control back...

Is there a feeling of unease that creeps up on you, sometimes even randomly?  Is stress keeping you awake at night?  I can help you uncover the original source of your anxiety. Something deeper may be triggering you into a state of vulnerability, causing you to feel threatened or powerless.

I work with people to assess the underlying causes of anxiety,  panic,  and phobias.  My clients learn to manage their symptoms and master mindfulness techniques to overcome the perpetual state of anxiety & stress. 

Learn how to control anxiety so it stops controlling you…

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The Key To Eliminating Anxiety

(Without Medication!)

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a consultation, call 212 560-2264

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Before considering medications, click this link for the facts: Types_of_Medication_for_Depression__Anxiety.pdf: