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As we work on the outside with exercise and diet, are we neglecting the inside?

Why don’t we take seriously the most important part of our functioning?

Mental Fitness....an invitation

I see people devoting hours of time and lots of money to physical exercise to look good and, yes, to feel better.  But I see just a few that really focus on the inside, where it all begins.

Why might that be?  Is it because its not visually apparent? Is it because they think they can hide a weakness, compensate, let it fizzle out?  It’s rather funny, this order of priority.  Or, actually, quite sad.  So here’s the question: how hard is it for you to take a good, honest look at what’s going on inside that directs your behaviors and affects your relationships, finances, health and overall purpose in life?

It doesn’t have to be that hard.  Join me on a journey that breaks this down piece by piece by learning Mindfulness philosophy and techniques that will profoundly change your way of being in the world. 

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