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 from anxiety
 from relationship problems
 from feeling overwhelmed


  1. to see all options

  2. to make authentic decisions

  3. to choose your behaviors

How would this work in your life right now?

How might freedom & clarity make your life more manageable now?

As life becomes more complicated, we long for peace & well-being.  If you sense you may be overwhelmed by a life circumstance or transition, if you are experiencing a feeling of being stuck or limited, I can help you to bring your life back into balance.  I help my clients to uncover sources of addiction, anxiety, relationship problems, pervasive anger issues, and destructive behaviors.  When relationship problems, trust issues or infidelity arise, counseling can help to sort out the confusing issues at hand. 

My clients learn to become authentic and enjoy feeling in-control of their lives. Becoming AUTHENTIC takes work. And guidance.  By an experienced, compassionate, and objective psychotherapist.  Learn how to make decisions that honor your needs, and how to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.

Visit The Relationship Place of NY to address specific relationship problems, to explore blocks to forming healthy relationships, infidelity, and how to best work on relationship conflict. 

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