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Moving past Infidelity: how understanding it all can help you


Whether you are staying or leaving, there is value in understanding what the infidelity in your relationship meant, and where it came from. We cannot fully heal and let go, until certain processes are completed. When the storm settles down, as you move through the stages of healing from betrayal, it can be helpful to sit on the branch and have a birds-eye-view of what took place. Perhaps it is time to look past the behavior, right at the source.


After the shock & outrage, somewhere between hurt & anger, is an opportunity to examine the evolvement of the situation. This is by no means an attempt to excuse the injustice. Rather it is an attempt to step outside the box and gain a broader perspective on an all-too-common human condition of needing to feel ok in the world. From where I sit, I hear many variations on infidelity and what leads up to crossing the line. They seem to fall under certain categories of cause and effect. What is interesting is how all the arrows point to the fundamental need to feel good. 

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