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Creating A Life that works for you

For over 12 years I have helped people work from the inside out, sorting out negative patterns and dysfunction.  In therapy we get to the root of destructive behaviors, and replace them with healthier choices that bring fulfillment and joy.  

Self Improvement

Let's begin with the most important relationship of all:  The Self

Here is where we truly understand, with compassion, how we function.  I help people to connect with their deepest being, and to learn how to honor their needs.


  When people learn to change the lens through which they see others, they begin to communicate on a higher level. I guide couples through Infidelity Recovery, Reconnection, and Conflict Resolution as well as Pre-Marital Counseling.  Yes, it is possible to get the love and passion back!  Learn more about my couples counseling work here.

Managing Stress
& Anxiety

 We are the masters of our emotions, and can feel grounded in all situations.  I am passionate about teaching Mindfulness techniques for self-regulation.

Navigating Life

There are difficult junctures on our paths that can feel overwhelming.  Health issues, Parenting, Care-taking, Divorce, Break-ups, Career changes are some of the areas where guidance can make all the difference.

Addiction Help

 Be it drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling, internet or other, addiction hits hard.  I work with individuals and families struggling to win this battle.  With extensive training in this area, I maintain affiliations and resources to collaborate on this journey.

Call 516 428-9227 for a Complementary Consultation

New York City and Boca Raton offices

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