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     Katherine's Meditations

I have created these meditations to foster healing and growth.  Based on my observations in therapy sessions, I believe there are universal human conditions that cause suffering, manifesting in anxiety, self-doubt, and disconnection, addiction, and compulsive thinking.  


I invite you to explore these meditations, which are intended to strengthen the connection to Self, our greatest internal resource, widely underused.  I suggest repetitive practice which will interrupt any embedded negative thought patterns, replacing them with a new truth which is yours to discover, here.


With all meditations, I recommend to continue to sit in stillness after the guided segment is finished.  Continue sitting quietly on your own, for a few moments at least, to allow further discovery.


BEGINNER TIPS    click here  for my tips on easy & effective technique


A NEW LANDSCAPE    click here to rediscover what is within.  And learn how to use your grandest resource


COME HOME   click here to find sanctuary within, and feel safe.  Cultivate this place for daily grounding, and have a healthier perspective


CLEARING THE WAY    click here to clear the mind, creating space 

for peace & clarity.  Claim this essential space, and reset for the rest of your day


COUPLES CONNECTION      click here to align on a higher level.  Learn how to communicate non-verbally, prioritizing the union you have co-created

Please feel free to share these and visit my Podcast Series at Insight 

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