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Couples Counseling

I have designed this private couples program to help partners assess their relationship needs and move efficiently toward goals.  Here are some common questions people have when considering if this would work for them:


Is it going to feel weird exposing our problems to a third party?

There is much anticipation before coming in, but it is quickly alleviated as we get to work.  Many people actually find their sessions to be intriguing as they see and learn new perspectives and finally feel hopeful again.  I personally love when I hear "I feel alive again" after being shut down for so long.

Will I be blamed for everything?

Never! This is a neutral, non-judging space to explore why we have arrived at this place, and what is needed to improve.  We must always honor the reasons...

Can we meet virtually?

Yes. It is proving to be quite effective. Best done on full computer screen, we are all together!

Only more private and convenient

How long does it take on average?

Some couples require more work than others.  Complicated circumstances will surely require a longer period of time to process a trauma.  It is reasonable to expect that  minimum of 8 weeks is effective, average would be 10-12 weeks, complications require a longer period.  Video sessions are incorporated into the maintenance phase.

We are so busy; how much "work" is this?

Sessions are weekly, 50-60 minutes.  Some homework will be assigned to reinforce the session work, along with some readings.  There is a new focus at hand, and prioritizing this into your schedule is necessary.  Video sessions are an option at a certain point in the process.

What is this going to cost?

This is an investment in your happiness. You will appreciate the rewards of this investment for many years.  

My rates are $225 per session for couples.  There will be some individual meetings incorporated to expand our understandings.  Individual sessions are billed at $150.  Please note in advance that couples therapy is not a reimbursable medical condition, therefore I do not take insurance for this work.  Some of the individual work may be reimbursable by your insurance company, as I am an out-of-network provider.  

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