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Suggested Readings

I am a proponent of enhancing your therapy by reading appropriate material that reinforces what we are working on together.  The following is a list of my favorite valuable works in this field

When the Past is Present  by  David Richo

An eloquent description of transference in relationships; the endless pattern of re-enactment.

Post Romantic Stress Disorder  by John Bradshaw

Getting to the next stage of relationship; handling disappointment, imperfection, and reality

The Five Languages of Love  by Gary Chapman

Distinguishing communication styles; how to interpret your partners style of communicating

Hold Me Tight   by Dr. Sue Johnson

Learning attunement in relationships

How to Want What You Have  by Timothy Miller

A wonderful new perspective of gratitude and humility

I Hate You - Don't Leave Me   by Kreisman & Straus

A helpful account of a toxic personality disorder

Stillness Speaks  by Eckhart Tolle

A new way to be in the world

Codependent No More  by Melody Beattie

Breaking from a toxic pattern

How Could You Do This To Me?  by Dr. Jane Greer

Dealing with outrage & devastation after betrayal

My Husband's Affair   by Anne Bercht

An honest & personal recount of the stages of infidelity

Mating in Captivity  by Esther Perel
Taming Your Outer Child by Susan Anderson

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