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6 Stages of Relationship Breakdown

The Pattern of Demise

Can you recognize this all-too-common pattern breaking down your relationship? With a life of its own, this circular pattern reinforces itself each step of the way and gets nowhere.

It begins with "normal disappointment" as we transition from the initial stage of romantic bliss to the reality stage of living together in the world. When disappointments are not processed, or are misinterpreted, feelings of resentment fester. Resentment is a powerful force, not to be underestimated. if left untreated, they are the cancer cells of dysfunctional behaviors in relationships.


If you can catch yourselves at a specific stage, identify what is really happening, you can prevent the progression of this pattern. Difficult to do when you are spinning in it, but really its the only way to get to the root of the problems. Here is where couples counseling can pinpoint the derailment and get you back on track. If couples can see which needs are not being met, what fears get kicked up, and what compensating behaviors are taking over, they will have the power to prevent Relationship Breakdown.

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